Thursday, December 9, 2010

Release Notes 13

Release Notes 13
New Features (3):
  • Private Zoo buildable comming soon.
  • Armory Celebration running until 12/8/10: Build the Pantheon Tactical Helm (55 attack, 48 defense) and Crimson Iron Chest Plate (49 attack, 57 defense) before time runs out.
  • Secret Santa Operation running until 12/8/10.
Updates (5):
  • Changed the name of Missions to Operations.
  • Operations no longer automatically start, players must click through to start a Operation.
  • Reduced the drop rate of new Operations.
  • Free stamina refill promotion from Treasure Isle ending 12/15.
  • New items added to Treasure Chests.
Bug Fixes (6):
  • Fixed bug preventing some users from posting Facebook feeds and requests.
  • Fixed an error with users getting a "Invalid Item Specified" error when giving Casino or Village parts.
  • Fixed formatting errors with Cake Jailbreak event.
  • Fixed issue with Vegas Tournaments "Fight all Rounds" action not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue with users getting a error when accepting 2x Mastery boosts.
  • Fixed issue in which helping mafia with a boss fight results in the boss health refilling.