Monday, December 20, 2010

Missions 411 and FAQ

Mission 411 and FAQ
Welcome to the new Missions! This exciting new feature will help guide new players as well as provide veteran players with additional goals that are related to the cities, storylines, and events.

Q: What are Missions?A: Missions are a new way you can reach goals as you progress in Mafia Wars.
In-game characters will approach you with a Mission.
Each Mission has multiple objectives that you must accomplish to complete.
Some Missions are multi-part with a longer storyline.
Finish all the objectives within each Mission to gain rewards.

Q: Are Social Missions, which are now called Operations, the same as Missions?A: No. Missions is totally separate. We renamed "Social Missions" to "Operations" to lessen the confusion.
Potentially, future Missions may ask you to participate in Operations as a task.

Q: How do Missions work?A: You can access your Missions through the bar along the header on the Mafia Wars homepage.
Click on the Missions icons to get more information on your active Missions and check your progress.
An in-game character will assign you several objectives you must complete to finish the Mission.
Whenever you complete a goal, the Missions bar will show your progress.
When you complete all your objectives, a drop-down menu will appear to notify you that the Mission is complete and your rewards can be collected.

Q: Do I have to do objectives in order?A: No. Objectives can be completed in any order you like.

Q: What kind of rewards do I get?A: You may receive a combination of Experience, Cash, Victory Coins, Loyalty Points, and exclusive Items.
Every Mission will display the rewards on the right panel of the Mission drop-down menu.

Q: I've heard that other players receive Missions that I don't have. How do I get these?A: There are three types of Mission: City, event-based, and contract Missions.
Players get different City Missions based on their progression in different cities ( currently just NYC and Italy).
Event-based Missions are promoted during limited-time special features.
Contract Missions are pulled from a pool of available missions for any players above level 10.

Q: Can I do a Mission more than once?A: No, but that may change in the future. For now, you can only play each existing Mission once.

Q: How many Missions can I have open at a time?A: Upon launch of this feature, players can have up to 3 Missions at a time - A New York Mission, an Italy Mission, and a Contract Mission.
Eventually, players will also have access to a total of 5 missions at a time.

Q: Help! I can't seem to figure out how to complete a Mission task, or when I think I have passed it, it says it doesn't count towards the task.A: Please read all the info in the task for the clues that are provided. You can also click the "Go Now" button under a specific task to jump to the location where the task can be completed.
Q: How do I trigger a Mission?A: Missions are triggered based on your individual account.
Some missions will not trigger unless certain criteria are met (e.g. Does the player have Italy unlocked?)
Whenever you finish a mission, a new mission of that type will start.

Q: What if I've completed New York / Italy already?A: Since City Missions trigger only in incomplete cities, City Missions are not available for players that have completed New York and Italy.
The rewards for completing City Missions are tailored to one's level, therefore higher-level players who have completed these cities would not receive any additional benefits.

Q: What about other cities?A: We are currently evaluating Missions for other cities.

Q: Is there any other way to complete Missions other than accomplishing the objectives?A: In Contract Missions, players can use Reward Points to complete an objective.
During the beta period for Missions, prices to complete objectives may fluctuate from player to player.  This is not a bug.

Q: I think I should've completed a Mission. Can Customer Support fix this?A: Customer Support cannot complete a mission for any players.
Customer Support cannot grant the Reward Items associated with the mission.
Customer Support cannot grant retroactive rewards for veteran players that are unable to access City Missions because their account is overqualified.
Customer Support cannot grant Reward Points for players who object to the pricing for objective completion.

Q: I've already done these objectives before! Do I have to do them again for the Mission?A: It depends. If the objective is something you can do again, yes, you have to do it again.
If it's something you can't do again (e.g. 'Upgrade Chop Shop to Level 3' and you have a level 15 Chop Shop), the objective will autocomplete itself.

Q: How is this benefitting new players?A: For newer players that haven't completed New York or Italy, City Missions serve as a tutorial for that city.

Q: How is this benefitting experienced players?A: For experienced players, Contract Missions allow them to engage with different areas of the game in ways they might not have considered before.
Think of it as exploring the flavor of Mafia Wars.

Q: Are these designed for a particular type of player (energy/stamina/fighter)?A: City Missions stress 'Do Job'-oriented objectives.
Contract Missions have more varied objectives that require stamina or to win fights or rob successfully.

Q: A City Mission shows a Tier's/Region's Mastery Item for completion. Does that mean I will get 2 (1 for the Mission, 1 for the Tier/Region)?A: No, you still only get 1 Mastery item. City Missions that have completing a tier/region as an objective are designed to explain that your reward is the Mastery Item.

Q: Is there a list of Missions and their rewards somewhere?A: There is no public list of all the Mission and their rewards. We would like for players to experience the element of discovery for themselves.
Q: I have some ideas/feedback/opinions about Missions. Where can I submit them?A: We would love to hear feedback from you and your fellow players.
Missions are a new concept, and might evolve based on aspects of them that are popular among various types of players.
Please go to where players can discuss and vote on ideas.
Popular ideas (as determined by fellow players) are directly relayed to the design team for consideration.
Access to Missions is slowly increasing in increments to ensure stability of the launch of this feature and may take several days to be available to all players.  Customer Support agents are not able to turn on access for players.