Monday, December 27, 2010

Challenge Mission: 50,000 Feet!


You earn exclusive items for completing each job of the 50,000 Feet Challenge. Jobs in each succeeding chapter will reward you with more valuable items. You can get up to three powerful items by completing Challenge Mission: 50,000 Feet! Collect all three items to become more powerful.
Chapter 1: Mach-4, Attack 66 Defense 48
Chapter 2: HALO Wingsuit, Attack 88 Defense 51
Chapter 3: Laser Rifle Prototype, Attack 114 Defense 63

Job Heat Meter
The more jobs you complete, the higher the job heat meter rises and the more difficult it is to evade the Military Police. Manage your job heat meter to a low level to dodge them and safely complete this Challenge Mission. The heat meter resets every 8 hours, so plan your jobs accordingly to avoid getting caught.
Caution:The Military Police have been alerted to your activities and your heat meter is rising! This job will now cost more energy. Lie low for 8 hours and the heat meter will reset.
Challenge Crew
As each chapter unlocks, you'll open two additional slots for your 50,000 Feet Crew (up to 7 total slots). Friends who join your mafia are automatically added to your crew if slots are available. You will be given a one-time bonus of Reserve Chutes for each crew member that joins your 50,000 Feet Crew.