Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mafia Wars for Chrome

Recently, Zynga released a little app for Chrome that will make it easier for Mafia Wars addicts to get their fix.

What you can do is this:
Step 1: Head to
Step 2: Sign in with your google account
Step 3: click install

What this will do is add a small app for Mafia Wars in your Chrome "New Tab" where one click, and you will be up and playing at Zynga's Mafia site.  And no mess, no fuss, since they use Facebook Connect there, so you will not lose out on posting your bonuses to your wall.

All I can say is, so far, it's a lot simpler then opening a tab, logging into Facebook, then surfing to find the app in your apps bar.  And for the real addicts, you'll be up and running in mere seconds to get your game on!!/note.php?note_id=468569052534&id=158796922819