Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Governer's Run Social Event 411 and FAQ

Governer's Run Social Event 411 and FAQ
Ready to become a Governator and rise to power? Ask your mafia to vote for you in the Governor's Run by sending them personal feeds. When 9 friends give their support, you receive -
2nd Amendment (Weapon)
Attack 52, Defense 80

Q: What do I need to do?
A: Find 9 friends willing to support you by clicking on your feed post.

Q: Can I do this event more than once?
A: There is a one-term term limit, so you can only do this once.

Q: Is the 2nd Amendment Mastery Item tradeable?
A: Our country's founders deemed this important enough to include in the Bill of Rights.  Once you have it, it cannot be gifted away.

Q: When does this event start?
A: Governer's Run is scheduled to launch later this week

Q: When is this event scheduled to end?
A: An end date has not been set yet, but this event will last less than a week.  Hurry and get your votes in!