Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New York City Private Zoo Property 411 and FAQ (Coming Soon)

Monday -
First, there were the Chop Shop and the Weapons Depot.
Then, there was the Armory.
Do you hear the rumbling footsteps of an incoming herd?
Private Zoo ... coming soon to New York City.
Noah's Ark has nothing on this ...

Tuesday -
Private Zoo -
50 Attack, 48 Defense, +3 Attack skill - has a reputation for eating anything. It also possesses the capability to take on large prey. (Hint - Fish)
45 Attack, 52 Defense, +1 Skill Point - If bitten, common symptoms for which to watch are rapid onset of dizziness, coughing or difficulty breathing, and erratic heartbeat. (Hint - Reptile)
48 Attack, 57 Defense, +3 Defense skill - have been known to scavenge dead animals. (Hint - Reptile)
62 Attack, 50 Defense, +20 Health skill - can inflict severe wounds on lions, sometimes ending with the lions bleeding to death. (Hint - Mammal)

Wednesday - FAQ
Q: How Many Levels are in the Private Zoo?
A: There are 10 Levels of Private Zoo, each unlocking a new animal to craft
Q: What will I need to build the Private Zoo?
A: There are 5 Construction Materials named
Q: What will I need to craft animals?
A: There are 2 Materials are required to craft certain animals
'Common' Feed
'Rare' Feed
Q: How or where can I get all these items?
Construction Parts come from wall posts, Free Gifts, and can be purchased for 1 Reward Point each
'Common' Feed comes from doing Jobs, Fighting, Robbing, and Collecting from your Private Zoo
'Rare' Feed comes from wall posts and Free Gifts
Q: Which or these will be 'tradeable' (giftable from your inventory)?
A: Construction parts and both feeds are "tradeable" (Can be gifted from your inventory and added to wishlist)
Q: How often can I collect 'Common' Feed from the Private Zoo?
A: Every 18 hours, players can collection 'Common' Feed, which are used in crafting animals.
Q: How much 'Common' Feed can I collect from the Private Zoo?
A: The amount of 'Common' feed produced by the Private Zoo increases with level of the Private Zoo.
Q: How often can I craft animals?
A: Every 18 hours, players can craft an animal. You can speed up the timer by paying 1 RP per 2 hours left on the cooldown timer.
Q: What kind of animals will I be able to craft?
A: That's a secret until the Private Zoo is released, but we can say Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Arachnids are all represented.
Thursday - Item Names

P.S.  Please do not submit tickets requesting additional information about the Private Zoo from CS agents.  They do not have access to Private Zoo information yet.
P.P.S. Players caught submitting false reports to CS agents* about missing Private Zoo animals will be subject to temporary suspension.  Other players will notice.  It's bad karma.
*Terms of Service, Section 1-9, clause l.