Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Homepage Format 411 and FAQ

Manage My Empire
The new Mafia Wars home page layout has arrived and will gradually roll out to all players.  The home page is now organized into various sections and the Player Updates section has been moved to the [My Mafia] page.
The Feature Event section is located at the top of the page and will be a rotating promotional space dedicated to current events (for example - Gifting events or Boss Fight events)  This section will also contain Your Mafia Activity which features 1 fight/rob update and 3 request updates from your player update stream.  You can go to a larger list of player updates by clicking on the link 'Show all updates >'

The Game Progress section is located on the left ands will show your Energy pack status and the last job you did with an option to take you to that job.  You can also see your completion percentages for your three most recent cities.

The Build Your Empire section contains everything you need to stay on top of your Chop Shop, Weapons Depot, Armory and the brand new Private Zoo.  This section will let you build items and upgrade these properties straight from the homepage!  In addition, there's a limited time item you will be able to build by receiving special items from your mafia.

Q: Why the redesign?
A: This is meant to streamline some of the functions of your day-to-day game play and make certain aspects of the game more visible and accessible.
Q: Where's the Daily Take?
A: When this is available to redeem, it is located in the Featured Event section on the Your Mafia Activity.
Q: Where's the Daily Checklist?
A: The Daily Checklist reward is being removed.
Q: What's the Patriot?
A: It is a limited edition vehicle that can be built from the Chop Shop with 25 Engines.
Q: I don't have the new Homepage yet, when will I get it?
A: We are gradually rolling this out to ensure stability of the feature.  All players will eventually get it soon, but we can't promise a specific date or time.  Customer Support Agents cannot enable the new Homepage for you.
Q: If I don't have the new Homepage, can I still built the Patriot / collect Engines / see how many Engines I have?
A: Yes.  If you go to your Chop Shop, the Patriot is located there and you can see how many Engines you currently have.
Q: I don't want the new Homepage.
A: Unfortunately, going back to the old version is not an option.
Q: Why isn't the Port from Italy available to upgrade / build from on the new Homepage?
A: At the moment, only the 4 New York building properties are available.  Other building properties in other cities are being considered for a later phase of the redesign.