Friday, December 17, 2010

Cafe World + Frontierville cross promotion with Mafia Wars

"I have a problem with the Cafe World / Frontierville cross promotion."
"I did not receive my Doctored Invoice / Beaver Pelt."
Customer Support agents are not authorized to grant these items.
If you would like to report a problem with either cross-promotion, please report only the following information

1.  Browser you are using
2. The cross promotion you attempted (Cafe World, Frontierville, or both)
3.  Link(s) / icon(s) that you clicked on
4.  Time of day you started the cross-promotion (please include your local time zone)
5. Time of day you attempted to redeem the cross-promotion.
6. Did you attempt this cross-promotion on multiple days?  If 'no', when was the first day you tried?  If 'yes', which days did you attempt this cross-promotion?

This information, in this order, will be used to generate a report that will attempt to determine if there is a widespread error with the promotion so that it can be addressed promptly by programmers.
For data collection integrity purposes, customer support agents are not authorized to grant these items to your account.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.