Tuesday, December 28, 2010

50,000 Feet Challenge Mission Event 411 and FAQ

50,000 FEET - Challenge Mission Event #6
It's been 3 months since our last challenge mission event.  On our prior challenge missions events, we've visited Paris, London, South Africa, Mumbai, and Dublin.  Now, it's time to go somewhere less crowded - up - 50,000 feet in the air.  Are you ready to make the jump?
The first time you access 50,000 FEET, the number of Mafia friends you have at that moment is saved in our records.  To ensure continued access to 50,000 FEET, you must not drop below that number.  Each friend you invite (up to a maximum of 7) will provide you with a one-time, instant grant of 5 Reserve Chutes. 
There are 3 chapters with 3 jobs each.  Each job has a Reserve Chute and Energy requirement to do the job.  The Energy requirement and Experience points earned are higher for higher level players.  However, the ratio of Energy to Experience points is the same for all players.
There is also a Heat Meter that increases the more frequently you do the job.  When the meter is at yellow or red, the energy requirements to do the job will increase, making the job harder to complete.  The Heat Meter expires 8 hours after the last time you've done any jobs in the Challenge Mission.  After you've completed Chapter 1, you will receive a Mastery Item and Chapter 2 will unlock.  After you've completed Chapter 2, you will receive another Mastery Item and Chapter 3 will unlock.  After you've completed Chapter 3, you will receive the final Mastery Item and the Challenge Mission will be complete.
Every 12 hours, you will be able to collect extra Reserve Chutes.  The number of Reserve Chutes you collect when the collection timer expires will be determined by how much time is remaining in the entire Challenge Mission Event.  Reserve Chutes can also be purchased in the Marketplace, from Free Gifts, received from Wall Posts, or looted from regular jobs, fighting, and robbing.  You can receive up to 5 Reserve Chutes per day from other players Wall Posts.  You can also receive up to 5 Reserve Chutes per day from players clicking on your Wall Posts.
When you master each chapter, you will receive a unique, ungiftable, Mastery item.  Since this event is only a week long, the chapters can only be mastered once and you can only earn one of each Mastery item.
Chapter 1 - Air Force Fun
Mastery Item = Mach-4, vehicle, 66/48, uncommon
Chapter 2 - High Jacking
Mastery Item = HALO Wingsuit, armor, 88/51, rare
Chapter 3 - The Unfriendly Skies
Mastery Item = Laser Rifle Prototype, weapon, 114/63, epic

Q: When does 50,000 FEET start/finish?
A: 50,000 FEET is scheduled to start on December 27th, and finish at 11:59pm PST, January 3rd.

Q:  Is a Challenge Mission Event like an Operation or regular Mission?
A: No, it is not.  A Challenge Mission Event is a limited, one-time special event that runs for a specific period of time.

Q: How is this different from past Challenge Mission Events?
A:  There are a hundful of key differences between 50,000 FEET and prior Challenge Mission Events.
1) You do not need to add friends to have access to this Challenge Mission Event.
2) 50,000 FEET only lasts for one week instead of three weeks.
3) Additional Mafia friends will not increase the amount of Reserve Chutes that are harvested every 8 hours.
4) A yellow/red Heat Meter will not increase the amount of Reserve Chutes necessary to do a job.