Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Defeat Roughhouse Rafael

Info from Zynga Support:
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Mafia Wars is presenting a new feature update to the Boss fight, so be ready to bring your A-game. If you're tired of getting beaten down by the Man, then now is your chance to bring down the newest Boss in Mafia Wars!

Q:  When is this event scheduled to begin?
A:  This feature will be released on 05/10/11.  Please note, this feature will be released to a limited audience, and may not be available to all players initially.  As with many of our releases, this feature will be slowly released to ensure stability within the game to ensure the optimum gaming experience for all of our players.

Q:  On what date is this event scheduled to end?
A:  This event is scheduled to end on 05/18/11

Q:  Does the Boss heal during the fight?
A:  The Boss will begin to regenerate after 8 hours.  The Boss will have a heal timer that will reset the Boss' health if it expires.  It is important to note that the Boss will fully heal if you run away.

Q:  So, what's new with the Boss fight?
A:  There are several updated features in the new Boss fight.  Previously the Boss Fights required that players use Stamina.  In this updated version, you will now need to collect Ammo to use to bring the Boss down.

Q:  What are the Ammo/consumables that I will need to collect?
A:  There are four types of Ammo that you can collect

  • Shotgun Blast -> 25-35 damage.  This consumable is a free gift and can be found in feeds.
  • Knife Slash -> 5-15 damage.  This consumable may be found by completing Jobs.
  • Knuckle Punch -> 7-13 damage.  This consumable is may be found when Fighting.
  • Crack of the Bat -> 9-11 damage.  You have a chance at finding this consumable when Robbing.

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Q:  Should the Ammo be used in any type of Combination?
A:  By using the correct order of 4 Ammos in a row you can unlock Combos, which do greater damage to the Boss.  Each time that you click an Ammo to attack the Boss, your Ammo history will appear on the bottom.

Q:  How do I determine what the best Combo will be to Attack the Boss?
A:  The best use of a 4-Ammo Combo is designed to be found through self discovery.  Users can share Combo's through feeds once they have discovered them.   One Combo will also be found by completing a Quest Event, which will begin after the Boss fight begins and will continue for the duration of the event.

Q:  Are customer support agents able to provide Combo's?
A:  The Combo's are designed for self discovery and for players to share between themselves.  Customer Support agents will not be able to provide this information to you.

Q:  Are there limits to the number of consumables that I can collect?
A:  Yes.  Each consumable has a daily limit that can be collected.  For the Job, Fighting and Robbing consumables you will be able to collect a maximum of 50 each day.  For the gifting consumable you will only be able to collect 40 each day.

Q:  What happens if I try to collect more than my daily limit of any of the Ammo consumable?
A:  You will receive a message alerting you that you have collected your daily limit of that item, and you will be rewarded a mystery bag.  It is very important to note, however, that the daily free gift limit of 200 will still apply.

Q:  Is there a maximum amount of each consumable that I can have in my inventory?
A:  The maximum amount that you can have in your inventory for the Job, Fighting, and Robbing consumable is 50 at any given time.  The maximum amount that of the gifted consumable is 80, but remember you can only collect a maximum of 40 each day for this consumable.

Q:  Is there mastery for defeating the Boss?
A:  Yes!  Players will receive a mastery item (bronze, silver, or gold) each time they knock out the Boss, however, you will not actually finish the Boss until you have reached the gold mastery level.

Q:  What if I don't have enough of a consumable for the Boss fight, are they available for purchase?
A:  The consumables will be available for purchase for 1 Reward point each.

Q:  What happens if I beat a Boss and forget to collect the reward?
A:  The Boss feature will remain visible on your home tab with a 'Collect Rewards' button.  You will be credited the reward after clicking that button.

Q:  What happens once I defeat a Boss for the first time?
A:  The heal timer for the subsequent Boss (silver/gold) will begin immediately.

Q:  The Boss seems really hard to beat, is there an easier way to do it?
A:  The Boss fight has been designed to be very difficult.  This is one of the reasons that you have extended amount of time to defeat them.  There are not any shortcuts, however, you can increase the damage that you do by discovering the secret combo's.  Remember to share these with your Mafia after you discover them!

Q:  Will I be able to repeat the Boss fight once I have completed it?
A:  The Boss fight is a Mastery event consisting of three levels:  Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  Once you have finished the Gold level, you will have completed the Mastery event and will no longer be able to see the event on your homepage.