Friday, May 20, 2011

Stat Reallocation FAQ


Mafia Wars Stat Reallocation

Mafia Wars has introduced a Stat Reallocation feature that will be available for players for a limited time only.  This feature will allow each player to remove skill points from one stat category and apply them to any of their other stats.  If you have ever wanted to change the balance of your stats, now is your chance.

Q:  When will this feature be available?
A:  This feature will slowly be available to players starting on 05/18/11.  As with many of our features, Stat Reallocation will initially be rolled out to a limited audience.

Q:  Why are new features slowly released to a limited audience?
A:  Each time that a new feature is launched, it is imperative that we ensure that it does not cause instability within the game. By slowly releasing each feature we can ensure that our players will get the maximum enjoyment possible.

Q:  How long with this feature be available?
A:  This is a limited feature and will only be around for a short time.

Q:  What is stat reallocation?
A:  This is a process where the player can deduct skill points from one of the existing stat categories and apply them to any of the other categories.

Q:  What are the existing stat categories?
A:  There are five separate categories that you can apply your skill points to:
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Stamina
Q:  Can I move all of my skill points out of one category and into another?
A:  Each player is limited to moving 60 total skill points per day, however, you are can not reduce a stat below its original starting value.

Q:  What are the original starting values for each stat category?
A:  At the beginning of the game, each player is given a starting point for their stats to get them started.  Because of that the original value can not be reallocated.  Listed below you will find the minimum values that each category must maintain.
  • Attack:  15
  • Defense:  15
  • Health:  100
  • Energy:  30
  • Stamina:  3
Q:  What happens once I select a package of skill points to reallocate?
A:  The number of skill points that you have chosen to reallocate will be placed back into your loose skills, which are located on your profile page.  In order to distribute those skills you will need to go to your profile page and select the stat category that you want to apply them to.

Q:  How many skill points will I be able to reallocate at a time?
A:  There are two categories of skill point allocation.  You will be able to move either 10 skill points or 50 skill points.

Q:  How many times per day will I be able to reallocate my points.
A:  You will be able to reallocate your stats once per day per category, which means you will be able to move 50 skill points once per day, and in a separate transaction you will be able to move 10 skill points.

Q:  Is there a cost for this?
A:  Yes.  To reallocate 50 skill points will cost 50 Reward points.  To reallocate 10 skill points will cost 10 Reward points.
Info from Zynga Customer Support