Friday, May 20, 2011

Ice Mastery Challenge FAQ

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It's about to get cold with this new mastery challenge, but the number of ices you have could heat the game up! Each time that you ice another player your Ice Mastery bar will increase.  When you have enough ices under your belt you will be rewarded the mastery item for your current level.

Q:  When will this event begin?
A:  This event is scheduled to start on 05/19/11. As with most of our events, this challenge will be slowly rolled out to ensure stability within the game.  It is important to note that this event will not be immediately available to all players.  Again, it is important to emphasize that this event will be slowly rolled out and may not be available to all players.

Q:  Can I be manually added to this event.
A:  No.  Due to the complexity of this event, it will be gradually released, and agents will not be able to manually add players to this event.

Q:  Why are new features slowly released to a limited audience?
A:  Each time that a new feature is launched, it is imperative that we ensure that it does not cause instability within the game. By slowly releasing each feature we can ensure that our players will get the maximum enjoyment possible.

Q:  When is this event expected to end?
A:  The event will conclude on 05/31/11.  Please note that there will be a countdown clock that will help keep you on track. This countdown clock will be located on the Ice Mastery Challenge banner located on your home page, and will be listed as 'Time Remaining'.
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Q:  What is icing?
A:  Icing is when either your or your opponents health falls below 20.  When the health of any player falls below 20, they have been 'Iced'.
  • You get iced when you or your opponents health drops under 20 points during a fight.
  • You can lose a fight and still ice a player - you just need to keep attacking until their health drops below 20.
  • Remember, you can heal yourself in the hospital if your health starts running low during a fight.
  • Players who are grayed out on the fight list are already iced and will not count if you attack them.

Q:  Can I lose a fight and still ice another player?
A:  Yes.  Although you may lose the fight, you can still ice another player if their health drops below 20.

Q:  How many mastery levels are included on this challenge?
A:  There will be 5 levels to the Ice Mastery Challenge that each player has the chance to complete.

Q:  How will I be able to determine what my progress is during this event?
A:  There will be a progress bar which will show your current mastery level, as well as your current progress on that level. There will also be a pop-up each time that you ice an opponent that informs you of your current ice total and the number of ices needed until the level is complete.

Q:  What are the different mastery levels for this challenge?
A:  There will be five total mastery levels for this event.  You will not be able to proceed to the next level until you have mastered the current level.  When you have completed the final level

Q:  What is the mastery item for this challenge?
A:  The mastery item for this challenge for this event will be the Tundra Tiger for the first four levels.  As you master each level the stats will increase.  When you complete the ruby mastery level the fifth, and final level will unlock.  The mastery item along with the stats for that level will unlock when you have completed the level.

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  • Bronze Mastery:  
  • Silver Mastery:  
  • Gold Mastery:  
  • Ruby Mastery:  
  • Diamond Mastery:

Q:  Will I be able to repeat this event?
A:  Yes! You can replay this event for a cost of 60 Reward points.

Q:  How many times can I repeat the Ice Mastery Challenge?
A;  You can repeat this event up to 5 times, but remember, it will cost you 60 Reward points each time that you chose to repeat the challenge.

Q:  Will I be able to collect the rewards each time that I finish this challenge?
A:  You will receive the same mastery awards for each additional level that you complete.  These items will be the same as the first round.

Q:  What happens if the event ends and I haven't collected my reward?
A:  If the event ends, and the player has a reward they have not collected, their account will be granted that reward automatically.
Info from Zynga Customer Support