Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get A Sneak Peek At Some Special Upcoming Loot!

Info from Official Mafia Wars Blog

Mobsters, we have an especially uncanny job for you: Decipher the coded message below to reveal a trivia question. Then, enter the correct answer (Hint: It is 7 letters long) as the password on this page to unlock a sneak peek at some very special loot items coming soon to Mafia Wars!


COOD is: Magneto

X-Men: First Class doesn’t drop in theaters until June 3rd but we’ll be dropping X-Men loot later this week! That’s right, the X-Men are coming to Mafia Wars with extraordinary loot to heighten your defenses like Magneto and strengthen your attack like Beast!
For doing jobs you’ll receive:
 When you collect all 7 items, you’ll get the mastery item, with 4 levels of mastery, Magneto’s only defense against Professor Xavier’s mental powers: