Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get A Limited - Edition Gift

 You'll receive a limited-edition item* based on the purchase made.
Buy now because this bonus offer won't last long!
* LE items with purchase are limited to one per day.

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For a limited time players will now receive a Limited-Edition Gift with one Reward point purchase per day.  Each day players will have the opportunity to purchase Reward points and receive a special Limited Edition item that is added to your inventory.

Q:  How many times can I do this each day?
A:  Each player is allowed to participate only one time per day, regardless of the number of transactions that are completed.

Q:  When will this offer expire?
A:  This offer is only available for a limited time, so please keep checking back each day because it will be gone soon!

Q:  How will I know if I received the item?
A:  Players will receive a pop-up that confirms their purchase, and the item that has been added to their account.

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Q:  Will I be able to share this news with my friends?
A:  Yes, you can share the information on your feed by clicking the share button on the announcement pop-up.

Q:  The final purchase price that I was charged is higher than the package that I chose, why is that?
A:  Some states and countries now require taxes to be paid by the consumer for on-line purchases that they make.  The following support article will provide you with more information.


Q:  Will the Limited Edition item that I receive be based on the total amount of my purchase?
A:  The Limited Edition item that you receive with your Reward point purchase is based upon the package that you have selected.  If you are in an area that requires the consumer to pay tax on their on-line purchases your Limited Edition item will be based upon the pre-tax amount of the package that you have selected.

Q:  What if I did not receive the item after I made the purchase.
A:  If you have not received the item after your purchase after 24 hours, please contact our Customer Support and our agents will be able to verify the purchase and determine if your inventory contains the Limited Edition item.

Q:  I heard that there might be a surprise item that is available.  Is this true?
A:  Yes!  Each day that you participate in this offer you will have the chance to receive a secret item.  Players are not guaranteed to receive this item and it is found purely by random chance.

Q:  What if I never get this secret item, will agents be able to credit this item to my account?
A:  The secret item is very rare.  Due to this agents will not be able to credit this item to your account.

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