Friday, November 12, 2010

"Unknown" Friends in Mafia Wars

"I have members with the name 'Unknown' in my mafia"

Thanks for reporting this bug.  Our developers are investigating this currently.
It is possible those members
1) Have blocked the Mafia Wars application
2) Have removed the Mafia Wars application
3) Are no longer friends with you on the social network
4) Have a privacy setting that prevents the transmitting of that person's name.
5) Are no longer on Facebook
6) Have not played Mafia Wars in a long time

If you no longer wish to see these members in your mafia, you can do the following to remove them
1) Select on the My Mafia tab on the My Mafia page
2) Select the "Unknown" player's profile
3) Click on 'Remove from Mafia'

For those of you with larger Mafia sizes, we understand that this can be tedious and time-consuming.  However, Customer Support does not have an easier way to selectively remove them from your mafia.