Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mystery Bag Mulligan

MysteryBagRed_228x168_PromoV3 Wanna have more of an option of what you get in your mystery bags? Well we're going to give you just that. We're introducing the Mystery Bag Mulligan! Here's how it works - when you click on your mystery bag requests from your mafia, you'll see what surprise you got inside. Don't like it or don't happen to need it? No problem! You can use 3RP for a chance to get another mystery gift and land on something you're sure to love.

It's really that simple. Next time you open a mystery bag and get something you may not need, just try your luck again and open another bag! Be on the lookout for this new feature coming to Mafia Wars.

Same for Mystery Shipment, Red Mystery Bag, Mystery Bag
Now, when you open your Mystery Shipment, Red Mystery bag, Mystery Bag there are new options. You can buy another for RP.