Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cake Jailbreak Event

Cake jailbreak You can have your cake and eat it too with the upcoming Cake Jailbreak event! You'll have a limited time to collect different cakes from your mafia to earn awesome new mastery items. You'll be working on 3 cakes filled with escape tools to get out of jail. Each cake will have 3 levels of mastery for you to complete. As you finish one level, you'll move on to a more challenging level. Get on your Mafia's good side and have them send you as many cakes as you can get your hands on!

The Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake, and Cupcakes will be unlocked one at a time and available to send from your free gifts page. Help your friends out during the event by sending these special desserts their way so they'll reap the sweet rewards as well. Once you master all 3 cakes through the gold level, you'll be rewarded with the grand prize for your efforts.

Get ready for the tasty fun - the Cake Jailbreak is coming your way soon!

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Cake rewards table2