Thursday, November 18, 2010

Serial Assassins

Ass1 The Serial Assassins are coming and you won't to miss out on this Mafia Wars gifting event.  Work with your mafia by  sending special gifts to each other that will allow you to collect  all 3 of The Serial Assassins. They will reside in the armor section of your inventory and get more powerful and vicious with each level of mastery.  
Collect them all and you will be rewarded handsomely with the Grand Prize, which is a powerful weapon called Gun Powdered Milk. You want this item in your inventory because it has attack and defense scores of 134 and 105!
The more gifts you give, the more you will receive. You may also come across extra Calling Cards while doing jobs and fights – share these with your friends in a feed, friends who click on your feed will give you Calling Cards too. For those of who can't get enough of The Serial Assassins, replay the event 2 more times upon completion.    
Gift    Serial        Assassin     Type Bronze Stats
4 Gifts
Silver Stats
8 Gifts
Gold Stats
16 Gifts
Dead Bee Bee Sharp Armor

(40/72) (44/76)
Golden Tiger Toni Tigress Armor

(74/45) (79/47)
Dried Clover Unlucky Armor

(41/74) (49/81)
 Ask for Help

 Dead Bee in Free Gift
 First star
 Grand Prize