Monday, November 15, 2010

Mafia Wars Yahoo! FAQ


Q: What is Mafia Wars Yahoo! ?
This is a significantly upgraded version of Mafia Wars for the Yahoo! platform.

Q: Why have a Mafia Wars on Yahoo! ?
We want to provide current Mafia Wars users on Yahoo! with a richer and more engaging gaming experience similar to the game on Facebook. The new version of Mafia Wars will include all the cities, events, and features that allow you to have deeper social interaction with your Mafia and your rivals.

Q: How does this compare to the old MW on Yahoo! ?
The older version of Mafia Wars on Yahoo! does not have the latest social features, new cities, and properties that the upgraded version includes.

Q: When does Mafia Wars Yahoo! launch?
Mafia Wars on Yahoo! launches on November 15th, 2010.

Q: Will I be able to transfer my stats from Facebook or MySpace?
A: No. Unfortunately we are unable to transfer game statistics from any other social networking accounts to your Yahoo! account.

Q: What about any money I have spent on the old Mafia Wars on Yahoo!?
All players who have spent money playing Mafia Wars on Yahoo! will have their lifetime spend amount converted to RP that can be redeemed in-game in the upgraded game. These RP will be in your account when you accept the Terms of Service and begin playing.

Q: How do I file a support ticket?
You can file a support ticket through the customer support site. Select Yahoo! as the social network. You will also need to include your Yahoo! ID - the first part of your Yahoo! email address.

Q: Is it the same as Mafia Wars on Facebook or MySpace?
Yes. This is the same Mafia Wars game that is currently on Facebook. There are some minor variations to account for platform differences.

Q: Will it interact with MW Facebook/MySpace?
Players on Mafia Wars Yahoo! will eventually be able to interact with their friends who play Mafia Wars on MySpace. The Facebook version will continue to be independent of Mafia Wars Yahoo! and MySpace.

Q: How do I post Feeds for Mafia Wars on Yahoo! ?
Feed posts will appear on your Yahoo! Pulse and Yahoo! Profile pages.

Q: What happens when my Facebook friends try to click on a feed for Mafia Wars Yahoo! ?
If they have not installed Mafia Wars Yahoo!, it will direct them to an installation page for the Yahoo! version.
If they have installed Mafia Wars Yahoo!, it will direct them to their Mafia Wars Yahoo! account.