Thursday, November 15, 2012



Q: What is Respect? How do I earn it? 
Respect shows your strength as a fighter in the Arena. At the end of each Arena, you will gain (or lose) some respect.
The amount of Respect earned or lost depends on your Final position in the Arena compared to your opponents as displayed on the Results page after an Arena battle ends.
You will gain significant Respect if you are able to position yourself higher than an opponent with a higher Respect compared to you. On the other hand, you will lose Respect if an opponent with lesser Respect stands higher than you in an Arena.

For example: 
Player A’s Respect is 1400 and Player B’s Respect is 1300. 
Case 1 – Player A has a better standing compared to Player B in an Arena battle
Player A would gain little Respect since they already have more Respect than Player B.
Player B would lose a little Respect  since they have lesser Respect than Player A.

Case 2 – Player B has a better standing compared to Player A in an Arena battle
Player B would gain significant amount of Respect since they were in a better standing than a Player A who had higher Respect compared to them.
Player A would lose significant amount of Respect in this case since they were beaten by Player B who had a lower Respect compared to them.