Thursday, November 15, 2012

Inside an Arena (Fighting and Score/Damage)


The Holding Cell
Once you create a new Arena or join an existing one, you will land on the Holding Cell and wait for opponents to join the Arena.
Please note that at least 4 players are required to begin.

The Holding Cell will display the below information: 

1. Opponents’ List: List of opponents, their Respect and Difficulty level.

2. Arena Health: Your Arena Health based on your account’s Max Health and the type of Arena which you choose to fight.

3. Option to purchase Power Ups: You cannot purchase Power Ups after a battle begins in an Arena. Ensure to equip yourself before you start a fight!

Once the Arena has at least 4 players, the Arena fight will begin in 20 seconds and a countdown will indicate the start time:


Q: Will I be charged with Stamina Cover Charge while I am waiting for opponents?
You will not be charged while you are waiting for minimum required opponents. However, your Stamina will be locked as soon as there are at least 4 opponents in the Holding Cell and the countdown to Arena begins.
After this point, you will be unable to create a new Arena or use your Stamina until the existing Arena ends.

Q: Why is my Stamina locked when I am in an Arena? Will this affect my normal game play?
The Arena is a time based fighting feature where you get 90 seconds to deal as much Damage as possible to the opponents. 
In order to display real time results and avoid any accidental Stamina spend (due to multiple browser tabs etc.), it is required that the Stamina stats are locked while you are playing the Arena. 
While you are in the Arena, you will be unable to spend your Stamina elsewhere using multiple tabs or any add ons.

Q: Can I exit to the Lobby even after an Arena has begun?
A:  Yes, you can exit the Arena or the Holding Cell even after you have required opponents or if the Arena begins. However, your Stamina will be locked until the Arena ends (90 Seconds).
During this time, you will see an option to Rejoin the Arena which you exited and you will be unable to spend Stamina elsewhere in the game.

Inside the Arena

You will be able to view the following inside the Arena:
1. Your Opponents: Click on your opponents to inflict Damage on them and raise your Score. The “Power Attack” button can be used to deal 5x Damage on your opponents.
2. Arena Health Indicators: You will be able to view yours and your opponents’ Arena Health in real time. Observe that the opponents’ Arena Health reduces in real time as you attack them and the same happens to your Arena Health when opponents attack you.
3. Your Respect: The Respect shown on the main Arena screen is the Respect at the beginning of the game. Your Respect will be re-calculated on the basis of your final position in the Arena which will be displayed in the Results page of the Arena.
4. Power Up buttons and count of remaining Power Ups: Various Power Up buttons and their count will be displayed on the main Arena screen.
5. Stamina Indicator and Stamina Refill Power Up button: Your Stamina status will be displayed along with a Stamina Refill Power Up button (Please note that Stamina Refill Power Up is different from the already available Stamina Refills)
6. Scores: Your Score as well as opponents’ Scores will be displayed in real time.

Q: How is the Score calculated?
Your Score depends on the total Damage dealt by you to your opponents. You can cause more Damage to your opponents by using Power Ups tactically and by increasing your Personal as well as Mafia Strength. 
Your rank at the end of an Arena session will depend on your total Score. You get bonus Score if you are able to reduce your opponents’ health to Zero.
Q: Can I still attack an opponent if their Arena Health reaches Zero?A: When an opponent’s Arena Health reaches Zero, a cross mark will be shown over their image and you will be unable to attack them unless they use a Health Refill or are re-spawned again.
Q: Can I use my existing Stamina Refills in the Arena?
No, Stamina Refills in the Arena are different from the regular Stamina Refills hence you will be unable to use them in the Arena. Arena Stamina Refills are a type of Power Up and can be built using Power Cards or purchased through Reward Points.
Q: Do I get free Stamina while fighting in Arena? 
Yes, you will get free Stamina every 15 seconds depending upon the Type of Arena you have joined.

100 Stamina Cover: 10 Stamina in every 15 seconds
500 Stamina Cover: 50 Stamina in every 15 seconds

Q: Would other player be able to attack me or reduce my Arena health even if I haven’t joined an Arena?
A: No, players will be unable to attack you unless an Arena battle is started. 
The Arena is a synchronous multiplayer game and your Arena stats will not be impacted unless you join one. 
Q:  What if I lose all my Arena Health? Will I re-spawn automatically?
Yes, if your Health reaches Zero, you will be re-spawned automatically in the next 10 seconds. Alternatively, you can use the Arena Health Refill Power Up to re-spawn immediately.
You will see the below message if you run out of Health Refills and lose all your Arena Health:

 Q: Can I my use existing Health Refills in the Arena?
No, Arena Heath Refills in the Arena are different from the regular Health Refills hence you will be unable to use them in the Arena.
Arena Health Refills are a type of Power Up and can be built using Power Cards or can be purchased using Reward Points.