Thursday, November 15, 2012



Q: What is the Arena?
The Arena is a new synchronous multiplayer Fighting Feature in Mafia Wars where you gain Respect and exclusive Rewards by dealing Damage to your opponents.
Your standing in an Arena battle is based on the amount of Damage you deal to your opponents in a span of 90 seconds.  The amount of Damage you can deal to your opponents is based on amount of Stamina spent in the battle along with your Personal and Mafia strength compared to your opponents’.
You receive better Rewards by dealing more Damage to your opponents. Use Power Ups to boost your performance in The Arena.

Q: What is meant by synchronous multiplayer Fighting?
 The concept of synchronous multiplayer fighting essentially means that all opponents playing in the Arena will beinteracting in real time rather than taking turns in fighting. 
All the opponents will be able to view each other’s Arena Health and Damage dealt in real-time. All actions performed by the players will have an instant effect on their opponents.
The Arena is based on an all new technology developed by Zynga, which makes synchronous multiplayer fighting possible inside a browser based game.

Q: Is there a minimum level requirement to play this feature?
Yes, a player needs to be at least on Level 25 to be able to play this feature. The minimum Stamina required to play the Arena is 100. 
Q: Will the existing Fighting feature be replaced by The Arena?
Not at all, existing fighting feature will continue in the game. 
Q: How do I enter The Arena?
You can enter the Arena through the Travel menu or by clicking on the “Enter the Arena” button on Home Page module.