Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fight results and Rewards


Q: What are the Rewards for fighting in an Arena?
For each fight in Arena, you stand a chance to receive the following Rewards:

1. Experience for spending Stamina and position in the Arena
You will receive experience based on the Stamina spent inside an Arena as well as your position (Score) within an Arena.

2. Respect (Please note that you may gain or Lose Respect depending upon the Damage dealt by you to your opponents)

3. Fight Loot: You will receive regular Fight Loot items for fights within the Arena. The number of items received depends on your Score within the Arena.
4. Exclusive Arena Loot: Win the Arena battles for a chance to grab exclusive Arena Loot. The higher your Respect, the better your chances:
5. VIP Loot (only for active Mafia Wars VIP Members): Our active VIP Members will receive exclusive VIP Loot drops for fighting in the Arena.
6. Various Consumables and Property parts: Apart from the above, you will also receive various consumables and Property parts as Loot drops for fighting in the Arena.
7. Power Cards: Stand a chance to receive Power Cards in the form of Loot drops for fighting in the Arena.
8. Power Ups: Based on the Power Ups used inside an Arena, get a chance of receiving some Power Ups as loot drops.
9. Ices! : You might receive Ices based on your Score and Respect in an Arena.