Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Robbing Spree

 How to Play

How to Play:
You need 10 Cable Crimps to enter a block and start the game.
Hover over a House:
  • Click on the "Peek" button and use Cable Crimps to see what the House contains.
  • Click on the "Rob" button and use Energy to rob the House.
You can either take a chance and rob the House blind, or peek inside to make sure there are no alarms.A House can have up to two alarms.
Triggering three alarms will end your robbing spree, and cause you to lose your haul.
If you're satisfied with your haul, and you don’t want to risk losing it by triggering alarms, click on the "Grab Haul" button. Your game will end, and you'll ensure that your haul is safe.
How to get Cable Crimps:
You can collect Cable Crimps from Requests, Feeds and Jobs.
Requests: Get 20 Cable Crimps by accepting Requests from your friends.
Feeds: Post a feed every 2 hours and get a maximum of 5 Cable Crimps per feed when your friends click on it. You can earn a total of 20 Cable Crimps per day. Click on your friends' feeds to earn up to 5 Cable Crimps per day.
Jobs: Get up to 5 Cable Crimps a day as loot drops while doing jobs.
Earn up to 50 Cable Crimps per day (20 from requests + 20 from feeds + 5 from clicking on feeds + 5 from job drops). Cable Crimps can only be collected during the first 7 days of the event.
The daily limit timers reset at 00:00 AM PST.
Houses have:
Alarm:  Triggers a single alarm.
2x Alarm:  Triggers two alarms.
Cable Crimps:  Use this to Peek, start a new game, or enter a new block.
Half Skill Points:  Find the other half before you click on "Grab Haul" to get 1 full Skill Point.
Energy/Stamina Refill:  Refills 5% of your maximum Energy/Stamina.
City Cash:  London Pounds to help you master the city of London.
Boosts:  3 Absinthe, 3 Jukebox, 3 Vampire Batting and 3 Ruthless
Items:  Bearded Saki, High Beam, Bullet Belt. Rob same item to increase its mastery.