Thursday, March 17, 2011

Release Notes 3/17/18

Welcome to BraZIL
Our newest destination, Brazil, was launched this week and new twists and turns await you. For more information on the lay out and access, visit the Customer Support Early Access and Brazil 411 and FAQ pages.
Fighting Irish Gifting Event
It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without a good fight. Get great loot items by sending and receiving broken body parts to and from your mafia. For all the details, visit the Customer Support Fighting Irish 411 and FAQ page.
Carnaval Mask Combo Event
The Carnaval Mask Combo Event has ended but you have 4 days to accept pending gift requests and redeem Carnaval Masks for loot items.
Underworld Showdown
The winner of the Underworld Showdwon was Derek "Iced" Van Meurs. Check your inventory to find out how many Showdown Trophies your received.
Mini Energy Packs
A small random group of players had their once a day Energy Packs replaced with 6 Mini Energy Packs that can be used at any time during a 24 hour period. Each Mini Pack is 25% of your total energy. This is currently in the testing phase and it is to be determined if this system will replace the current Energy Pack. For more details, visit the Customer Support Energy Mini Packs page.
Gifting Errors
Gifting errors are now coded and we ask that you let us know what was happening when you received the error. We also added a graphic for your amusement so that the error window is not so boring. For more details and the template you should use, visit the Customer Support Mafia Wars Gifting Error Messages page.
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Community News
St. Patrick's Day Mock War
The St. Patrick's Day Mock War started at 10 am PST today and will end on March 20th at 11:59:59 PST. The Mock War Page can be found here.
I Love Mafia Wars Family Survey
We are putting together a free fan club for those who love to play Mafia Wars. Please go here and give us your feedback.
Player Advisory Committee
To learn about what the PAC has been up to, go to this Zynga Forum Board discussion thread by Lynn Deanne, Mafia Wars Guide Master.