Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Energy Mini Packs 411


What are Energy Mini Packs?

Energy Mini Packs are a substitute refill to the regular Full Energy Refill. Multiple mini-energy packs can be used per day in comparison to the regular one-time daily energy refill. At the moment Mini Packs are only being made available to a small number of players.

How many Mini Energy Packs Can be used per day?

A maximum of 6 mini-energy packs can be used daily.
How come I don't have Mini Energy Packs?

The effectiveness of Mini Energy Packs is being determined by the Mafia Wars Team. Once the effectiveness is determined Mini Energy Packs my be made available to everyone or they may be removed from Mafia Wars.

How do I get Mini Energy Packs?

Requests to have Mini Energy Packs cannot be fulfilled. Players with Mini Energy Packs were selected entirely are random. Unfortunately Zynga Customer Support cannot activate Mini Energy Packs to any account.