Monday, March 7, 2011

Release Notes 3/4/2011

Old info from The Official Mafia Wars blog
on 3/7/2011 they post Release Notes 3/4/2011

Game Updates
Love Is Hard to Find
The Love Is Hard to Find Gifting Combo Event expired on Feb 22nd and redemption of Broken Hearts for loot items remained open for 3 more days.  For more details, visit the Customer Support Love Is Hard To Find 411 Page.
Ancient Relic Gifting Event
The Ancient Relic Event expired on March 1st.  For more details visit the Customer Support Ancient Relic Gift Event 411 Page.
Underworld Showdown
Pick your favorite fighter and win a maximum of 5 rounds to be eligible to receive a Showdown Trophy for each round your fighter wins. The event will expire on March 7th and a winner will be determined. To vote for the fighter, go here.  For more details visit the Underworld Showdown 411 Page
Cuba In Crisis
Cuba is locked down and there was a Mission called Crisis in Cuba to say farewell. For more details, visit the Customer Support visit the Cuba In Crisis Mission Event 411 Page.
Rn3Massacre in Moscow
The Neo-Imperium hasn't stopped and there is a Massacre In Moscow that will lead to Moscow locking down on March 10th. For more details, visit the Customer Support Massacre In Moscow Page.
Remove Non-Friend from Mafia
You can now remove non-Facebook friends from you mafia by going to your My Mafia page and clicking on the "Remove Non-Friends From My Mafia" link. Players with larger mafias will need to repeat the process every 48 hours until all non-Facebook friends are removed.
Rn14New Languages Added
3 new languages were added to the game for a total of 7. To change the language in your game, use the account drop bar menu and select "Language".
Rn4Reward Point Icon
In the event that your account has a discount offer on Reward Points, the icon on top of the game header will reflect this during the duration of the offer.
New Limited Time Item
The Patriot is the new Limited Time item available in the buildable properties. Find it in your Chop Shop for two weeks. You will need to collect Engine Parts to craft it from your mafia.
Feedback Tab
There is a new tab in the Account drop bar menu. This will soon be available to all accounts and connects the player to Get Satisfaction. For more details and instructions on how to use Get Satisfaction, go here.

New Home Page Ad
Want to know what's new in Mafia Wars? Look for this module on your Home Page. Click on the ad and you will be directed to the Official Mafia Wars Blog.
New Pop-Up Feature
Want to see less pop-ups? Look for an option to decrease the number of times they pop up on your account.  At the moment, this feature is not on all accounts
Egyptology Crates
Egyptology Crates are now available in the Marketplace. Get lots of cool Egyptian themed loot items with awesome stats.
Bug Fixes
Burner Counter
The number of burners you own is now viewable from the Robbing Page.
Hitlist Survival Statistics
The hitlist survival time statistic is now viewable on all Mafia Wars profiles and no longer reflects your own.

Community News
The Player Advisory Committee
The members of the PAC met in San Fransisco and it was a big success. The PAC now has a direct channel to communicate with the Mafia Wars team and all player types are represented. To learn more about what happened go here.
Rn1Worldwide Mafia Meetup Day
Mafia Meetup day is April 8th. To start your own or join one already in the planning progress go to and find your city. The 5 cities with the most RSVP's will get a Mafia Wars Meetup Starter Kit.
Spoofs And Rumors
Do not believe everything you read in your news feeds. Mafia Wars is here to stay and will only get better. If it's not posted here, the Official Mafia Wars Fan Page or Customer Support, it's not true.