Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mafia Wars Gifting Error Messages

Mafia Wars is focused on reducing problems that occur after a gift request is accepted from a friend or mafia member. To better address this problem specific error codes will be presented when a problem accepting a gift request has occurred.

The Mafia Wars development team would like to record these instances and gather as much information as possible to correct problems that occur with gifting. If you have recieved one of the following error messages, please email the support department with the following email template. This will ensure the best information has been provided to us.

Email Template:
What error code did you receive?
What type of gift did you accept?
Where did you accept the gift request from? (Mafia Wars Gift Box, Facebook Game/Gift Requests Page, Facebook News Feeds / Wall Postings)

**Important Tip**
Accepting same gift request from both the Mafia Wars Gift Box and Facebook Game/Gift Request Page will result in error message

Submit your Completed Gifting Problem Email Template by clicking the link below: