Friday, March 22, 2013

Tips on how to interact safely on our Social Support


The Questions & Answers Section is player-to-player support. Please bear in mind that all answers come from other players.

Do not reply to posts or follow links from other users claiming to be from Zynga Support or being a Zynga Employee as they are most likely phishing attempts. 

Please note: Zynga Moderators always have a (Moderator) tag after their username. 

Zynga Employees will never ask for your login credentials. If you followed a link which asks for your login/password - do not provide it!

If you suspect that your Facebook account's security has been compromised, we recommend that you secure it immediately by performing the following Security Steps.

Example: How to spot a Phishing attempt:

1. Picture and username
  • Phishers are pretending to be a trustworthy source by imitating Zynga logos and using nicknames that might deceive a player into believing that they are Zynga employees.
  • Example: AgentSupport... / PlayerSupport... / TeamSupport... / SupportCenter...

2. Fake Links
  • Even though a link may seem legit it can lead to a fraudulent site often asking for your password credentials or other personal information. 
  • Be suspicious when you are asked to copy and paste a link into your browser to secure or verify your account. 
  • Be wary of Link Shorteners and links beginning with followed by keywords in the URL like "Zynga", "Account", "Support" or "Security". Even though a link contains the word "Zynga", it may not be a Zynga web site. If it looks suspicious, don't open it.

3. Poor Grammar/Typos
  • Fraudulent messages often contain poor grammar and typos, however those alone should not be seen as a sole indicator but should be considered in the context of other aspects. 

4. Generic Content
  • If the same question or answer is posted over and over again and contains impersonal content ("Dear player...") , it's probably fake.
For more information on Phishing please visit this article.

How to report:

You can report fraudulent questions/answers by clicking the flag in the top right corner of the message and click on "Report this post" --> "Report Abusive content". A Zynga Moderator will then review the post and take appropriate actions.