Sunday, March 24, 2013

FAQ - Easter Eggselence


Q: When will the Easter Eggselence Event start? 
The event will start on March 23, 2013 08:00 AM PDT and will end on April 04, 08:00 AM PDT.
Please note that you will be able to collect the Easter Eggs till April 02, 08:00 AM PDT through various channels.
Q: How can I find Easter Eggs? What are the daily collection limits?
You can earn up to 175 Easter Eggs per day from Jobs, Fights, Robbing, Feeds, Gifting and The Arena. You can also buy Easter Eggs using Reward Points.  
All daily limit timers reset at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7)
Please note that Crew Bonus is not applicable for Easter Eggs in Jobs, Fights and Robbing
1.       Jobs – Easter Eggs will drop while doing jobs. You can collect up to a maximum of 35 Easter Eggs from jobs every day
2.       Fights - You can collect up to a maximum of 25 Easter Eggs from fighting every day
3.       Robbing - You can collect up to a maximum of 25 Easter Eggs from Robbing
4.       Arena - You can collect up to a maximum of 35 Easter Eggs by Fighting in the Arena
5.       Feed Posts – You can collect up to a maximum of 45 Easter Eggs through Feed Posts (30 + 15)
a.       You can post a Feed every 8 hours and get a maximum of 10 Easter Eggs per feed post when your friends click on them (10 x 3 = 30)
b.      You can get up to 15 parts per day by clicking on Friends’ Feed posts
6.       Gifting - You can collect up to a maximum of 10 Easter Eggs through Free Gifts.
To view the status of Easter Eggs collected in a day, please click on the  icon as shown below:

Q: How does the Event work? What can I do with the collected Easter Eggs?
During the Easter Eggselence Event, you can collect or purchase Easter Eggs and use them to:
1.       Collect bunnies to complete the Hopper’s Delight Collection and vault the collection to win an awesome Reward
2.       Redeem collected Easter Eggs for awesome loot
Hopper’s Delight Collection:
To complete Hopper’s Delight Collection, you will need to collect 1 of each collection items listed below:
-          Chocolate Bunny
-          Cotton Bunny
-          Crystal Bunny
-          Golden Bunny
-          Gummy Bunny
-          Marble Bunny
-          Paper Bunny
With every Easter Egg you collect, the progress bar for the collection item (Bunny) will be updated:

Once you collect enough Easter Eggs for the progress of an item, you will receive a notification.
Each time you complete the progress for a collection item, the progress bar will reset and a new collection item will be displayed:

Q: How do I redeem the Easter Eggs for Loot? 
While you are collecting the items for Hopper’s Delight collection, you can redeem your Easter Eggs for some awesome loot.
Click on the Redeem button on the Home Page module:

You can redeem each of the following loot up to a maximum of 3 times

Please note that redeeming Easter Eggs for loot will not impact your progress towards completing Hopper’s Delight collection.
Q: What is the Reward for completing Hopper’s Delight Collection?
Once you complete the Hopper’s Delight collection, click on “Vault Collection” to Vault the new collection and receive the Great Bunny