Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daily Fix - last Tier repeating Daily


For the players that finished Daily Fix on Ruby!
On MW Homepage on the Daily Fix Option, last task on the "Today's" Tier will be unmarked daily.

You will have different Tasks daily, You will need to complete them so you will be able to collect Reward, which is in Part 3 Arena Power Ups - different every day.

As for Updated Reward Item, on my account that item appears Today, so there is NO rule that you should got it yesterday.

Something I wish to point : There is NO OFFICIAL INFO about this part of the game for players that finished Daily Fix on Ruby regularly (depends on the time when this part of the game was introduced on their accounts), and this IS A SHAME. 
Zynga and their Team should inform their players in detail when something is in the game, and by this I mean ALL PLAYERS and with official info. 

This is sloppy and unacceptable.

 Today's Rewards:
15x NK Night Crawlers (125A/175D) 
3x Arena Power Ups (2x Arena Health Refill, 1x Kamikaze)
 Family Progression Help
1x Reward Point