Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Power Pack Experiment Enters Phase 2

Power Packs
We are now entering Phase 2 of the Power Pack experiment! Power Packs can be considered an upgraded Stamina Pack, so we're excited to figure out the proper balance for this powerful feature.
The entire player population has been assigned new roles in the experiment, which means you may no longer have Power Packs if you did in Phase 1. In Phase 2, if you do have Power Packs, you could have one of two variations:
A) Power Packs that provide a 50% stamina refill every 8 hours.
B) Power Packs that provide a 100% stamina refill every 16 hours.
In both test groups a Power Pack will continue to provide a 200% health refill every 10 minutes if one chooses to use them to restore their health. Also, any remaining unused Stamina Packs will now reward a mystery bag when redeemed.
Entering Phase 2 means we are getting closer to determining the proper balance and releasing some form of Power Packs to everyone. We appreciate your patience. The feature can be discussed in this forum thread.