Saturday, August 13, 2011

Easily Collect From All Your Properties With Union Hall!

Info from Official Mafia Wars Blog:

You've been asking for it, and it's finally here! We've added the ability to collect from all of your properties in one easy location! We call it Union Hall, and it appears in the "Build Your Empire" section of the home screen:
Build Your Empire
Simply click a city's "Collect All" button to receive the cash and consumables ready for collection in that city! For Brazil, you also have the option of collecting your Real (cash), energy, and stamina separately. Just click the yellow arrows next to the "Collect All" button to cycle through the options:
Brazil Collection Buttons
Coming Soon: Rob Squad Collection Bonus
When you have a Rob Squad boost, pressing a city's "Collect All" button will use the boost to gain you bonus cash and consumables from that city. Don't have any Rob Squad boosts? You can ask for them every 8 hours directly from the new window!
Super Shipments
Click the large yellow arrows on either side of the "Build Your Empire" content you're currently viewing to flip to the other pages. The "Build Your Empire" page one click to the right of the Union Hall allows you to send and request Super Shipments, as well as build from and upgrade your NYC construction properties.
Super Shipments & Parts
Click the "Ask for all parts" button and, when someone clicks on the request posted on your wall, you'll receive 0-6 construction parts, up to one for each of the construction properties you can own (the Chop Shop, Weapons Depot, Armory, & Private Zoo in NYC, the Black Market in Brazil, and the Port in Italy), depending on if you've already collected a part for those properties within the last 12 hours. Super Shipments don't allow you to collect more construction parts; they just offer an easy way to collect, all at once, those that you have not yet received via individual feeds.