Friday, October 30, 2015

Blood Reign - New 7 Day Fight Event

 Vampires have awakened in Mafia Wars and brave Hunters have emerged to fight them! Ice your opponents in Fights to convert them to your Faction and earn awesome Rewards.
  • This is a 7 Day Fight event between two Factions: Vampires and Hunters. Vampires aim to spread their curse and the Hunters’ goal is to suppress them.
  • A small selection of Fighters have risen as Elder Vampires, and all other Fighters begin as Hunters.
  • Which Faction you’re currently in is designated by an icon next to your name.

  • If an Elder Vampire or a Vampire Ices a Hunter, the Hunter is Cursed and becomes a Vampire. If a Hunter Ices a Vampire, the Vampire is Cleansed and becomes a Hunter.
  • However, Elder Vampires cannot become Hunters, even if Iced.
  • There will be 3 Rounds of Blood Reign.
  • At the end of each Round, Vampires have to be above the Threshold in the Curse Meter to win the Round. If Hunters prevent the Vampires from reaching this Threshold at the end of the Round then Hunters win the Round.

  • At the end of each Round, all Fighters who are currently in the winning Faction will earn an awesome Reward.
  • During the course of a Round, the Curse may intensify or wane - resulting in Fighters converting to the other Faction without being Iced.
  • When a new Round begins all existing Vampires, except Elder Vampires, will turn back into Hunters.
  • Fightlist Minibosses are immune to the Blood Reign.
  • The Event ends on 6th November at 8:59 AM PST (GMT-8).