Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Slaughter Season


  • Gain Pennants by icing players on the Fight list and by fighting in the Mob Fury Arena and Shootout Arena.
  • You can gain 1 Pennant for every 2 Ices in the Arena.
  • The number of Pennants you earn will be based on the category (Easy, Medium, Hard) of the players you Ice.
  • Earn Pennants to complete the Mastery tier. Collect the final item from each mastered tier to claim a Season reward and move onto the next tier. There are six tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald and an exclusive VIP tier.
  • Mind your bullying, or else frequent ices against a specific target will be melted and won't count towards the Season.
    Exclusive VIP Tier
  • A new VIP Tier will be available to VIP subscribers only.
  • VIP subscribers can access this Tier once they have mastered the Emerald Tier.
    Extended Event Timer for VIP subscribers
  • VIP subscribers get a 24 Hour extension on the event timer for Slaughter Season.