Friday, October 30, 2015

Game is full of issues - Zynga?

We are receiving reports from players about lot of issues in the game lately. Because the game on my account is working fine at this moment I do not have images for confirming that, but players are reporting:

1. Marbleous - reset to 0
2. Arena Rampage - reset to 0
3. Offshore Turfs - all jobs reset to 0
4. Daily fix - if you are on ruby it is reset to gold
5. Family boss fight - family members are not listed, unable to play with combos or stamina

I do kindly ask all of you with problems, one or more listed above report that to Zynga. If you are unable to e-mail them, use Forum, Official MW Blog or Official MW Fan Page.
If I miss any issue kindly ask to leave comment on our Fan Page or here on the blog and post will be updated.
Thank you all, and wish you wonderful day!

(Bellow images are from my account!)

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