Monday, March 17, 2014

New Limited Mission - Calculated Risk ( All Missions)

  • A Mission Event is a series of Missions with objectives that give rewards on completion.
  • This is a limited time event, which will run for 15 days.
  • Complete each Mission to progress on the Mastery bar and earn rewards.
  • Complete the 2nd Mission to earn the Bronze Mastery reward.
  • Complete the 5th Mission to earn the Silver Mastery reward.
  • Complete the 9th Mission to earn the Gold Mastery reward.
  • You can unlock two Bonus Missions on completing the 8th Mission, before the event timer runs out. On completing these Missions, you will gain another Gold Mastery reward.
  • Unlocking the Bonus Missions will extend the event timer by 24 hours.
1.Mission - Do The Math

2.Mission - Figure It Out

3.Mission - Number Cruncher

4.Mission - Take Five

5.Mission - Million Dollar Questions

6.Mission - Total Up

7.Mission - Out The Count

8.Mission - Even The Odds

9.Mission -

10.Mission - Adding Insult

11.Mission - The Eleventh Hour