Friday, March 28, 2014

Can't see the whole page or my page jump up

If you can't see whole page of the game, or your page jump up here is a simple solution for that problem, and you do not need to have any script for this.
(for Mafia Wars players)

1. this is example for those who are not able to see whole page of the jobs in the game (the same is for all options in the game: war, fight list...)

2. This is mouse, an old but good, and position of the wheel on it.

3. PRESS wheel on the mouse!

4. Scroll down with the wheel. When you are on the place you wish to see, or on the bottom of the page simply press the mouse wheel once more.

5. The same solution is for the game page if it jumps up. Press the mouse  wheel, scroll down and press wheel once more when you are on the place of the page you wish to be. You will probably need to do that every time (example: Richie stash and ask for help) when you wish to post ask for help, but you will be able to ask for help. Hope this will help.
Enjoy gaming!