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Mafia Blackjack - FAQ


Head to Mafia Wars and play the new Mafia Blackjack now!
Q: What is Mafia Blackjack? When does it start?
 Mafia Blackjack is simple version of hugely popular Card Game of Blackjack. It is a 10-day event, where your goal is to defeat 4 Bosses by beating them in rounds of Blackjack.
Every time you win a hand, you reduce a part of the Boss’ Health and every time the Boss wins against you, they regain a part of their health. You need to stack up wins against the Boss to reduce their health to Zero and defeat them.
Mafia Blackjack will start at Midnight Pacific Time on March 27th, 2014 and will end at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on April 5th, 2014.
Q: Is there a minimum level requirement?
A: Yes, to play Mafia Blackjack, a player must be at or above level 50.
Q: How do I access Mafia Blackjack?
 You can access Mafia Blackjack from the Home Page module.
Click on the “Go Play” OR “Collect and Play” button on the Home Page module to access Mafia Blackjack:

Q: I see that Chips are needed to play Mafia Blackjack. How do I get them?
A: Mafia Blackjack is played using Chips  and you need a minimum of 10 Chips to start Mafia Blackjack. Chips can be earned through various actions in the game and can also be purchased using Reward Points.
Below are the daily limits for collecting Chips from the game. Please note that the Daily Limits reset at 00:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT -7)

Daily Limit
The Arena
Through Feeds*
Daily Reward**
Surprise Grant

*You can receive a total of 5 Chips in 24 hours through Feeds (inclusive of your own Feeds and clicking on friends’ Feeds).
**Daily Rewards will be in a form of surprise grant and the number of Chips will be different every day.
You can check the status of collected Chips by visiting the information section of Mafia Blackjack as shown below:

Q: How do I collect the Daily Free Chips?
A: The Home Page module will indicate when the amount of Daily Reward, when it is ready to collect.
Click on the “Collect and Play” button to collect the Daily Reward and start playing. Daily Rewards will be in a form of surprise grant and the number of Chips might be different for every player, every day.

Q: How do I play Mafia Blackjack?
A: The rules of Mafia Blackjack are similar to traditional Blackjack with an exception that Mafia Blackjack does not allow advanced options like Surrender, Split, Double Down or Insurance.
In Mafia Blackjack, you play against the currently active Boss, who is also the Dealer.
Your aim is to accumulate a higher Score (total numeric value of your cards) than the Dealer (Boss), but without going over 21. Your score is calculated by adding the values of your individual cards (card values are described below).
Deck of Cards: 52 Cards (13 cards each in 4 Suites)
Suites: Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds (all suites are equal in strength).
Face Cards: All Jacks, Queens and Kings.
Value of Cards:
·         Cards from 2 to 10 represent their own numerical value.
·         All Face Cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) are counted as 10.
·         All Aces are worth 1 or 11, whichever is better to help you reach the score of 21, without going over 21.
Hand – The numerical total of the set of cards dealt to you OR the dealer.
Dealer – Your opponent – Currently active Boss (Dino/Kyla/Phil OR Michelle)
Score – The total value of (yours or the Boss’) cards, calculated by adding the numerical values of your individual cards.
Bet – 
The amount of Chips  you bet to play a round of Mafia Blackjack.
Hit – Use this if you want to take (or deal) more cards from the deck.

Stand – 
Use this if you do not want any more cards to be dealt. Once you Stand, the Boss will start Hitting (drawing the cards).

Mafia Blackjack starts with a Bet of 10 Chips. Click on Bet to bet a minimum of 10 Chips  and start the game.

Clicking on Bet will deduct Chips from your account and will take you to the Mafia Blackjack game board:

At the start of Mafia Blackjack, the player and the Dealer will receive two cards each from the Deck.
Your cards will be dealt face up, while the dealer will have one card faced down and another one dealt face up.
You can choose to “Hit” or “Stand” depending on your decision based on your current score.
Once you Stand, the Boss will start drawing the cards. In Mafia Blackjack, the Boss stands at 17, which means they will stop drawing cards once their Score reaches 17 or above.
The result of a particular round will depend on the comparison of your Score to that of the Boss.
Following are the possible results:
Win – You or the Boss will win, depending on who scores higher (total numeric value of the cards) without going over 21.
Bust –
You or the Boss will go Bust (and lose) if either of you score above 21.
Push – 
If your score is equal to that of the Boss at the end of a round, it is considered to be a Push (Tie or a Draw).
Blackjack – If you or the Boss are able to score 21 in the first 2 Cards (which is only possible if one of yours or Boss’ card is an Ace). For example: Ace + King OR Ace + 10. Blackjack is the best possible hand and whoever has it wins, unless the opponent also has a Blackjack.
Q: What happens if I win or lose a hand?
A:  If you win
 a hand against the Boss in Mafia Blackjack, you get to retain the Chips you Bet and reduce the health of the Boss as indicated on the game board.

Q: How can I raise my bet?
A: An option to raise your bet beyond the minimum bet of 10 Chips will be available for the 3rd and 4thBoss (Philanthropist and Michelle Paulis).
You will be presented with an option to raise your bet before you start dealing the cards.
Raise your bet in Chips to deal more damage to the Boss. You can bet up to a maximum of 50 Chips.

Q: Are there any cheats available?
A: Yes, there are 4 types of Cheats available in Mafia Blackjack. All cheats can be purchased using Chips.
1.       UndoIf your score exceeds 21 and you are about to be busted, you can Undo the last draw and draw a new card from the Deck.
Please note that the option to use Undo is available thrice per hand and costs different for each time you use it in the same hand.
Cost of Undo in a particular Hand:
1st Undo costs 6 Chips 
2nd Undo costs 8 Chips 
3rd Undo costs 10 Chips 

2.       Reveal: The Reveal cheat is available for all the Bosses and can be used to reveal the facedown card of Boss. Reveal cheat costs 2 Chips.
Please note: The option to use Reveal is available once per hand.

3.       Pick One (Costs 12 Chips)Pick one is available from the second Boss (Kyla Ross) onwards. This cheat allows you to select one card from the next 3 cards in the deck and is available for use, once per hand.
You can choose a card from the displayed ones or choose to discard all of them. The cards not selected will be discarded from the deck.
If you choose to Discard all cards, the Chips used to activate the cheat will not be refunded.

4.       Score 19: Score 19 is only available for the 4th Boss (Michelle). This Cheat allows you to replace your existing cards and take your score directly to 19, without dealing more cards.

Q: How many Decks are used per Boss? When will the deck be replenished?
The number of decks used per Boss will vary as shown below and the cards dealt will be discarded after every hand.
The deck will be replenished once the remaining cards in the deck are reduced to a certain limit, depending on the Boss.
Number of Decks used
Deck replenished at
Dino Armondo
1 Deck (52 Cards)
10 Cards
Kyla Ross
1 Deck (52 Cards)
10 Cards
2 Decks (104 Cards)
20 Cards
Michelle Paulis
2 Decks (104 Cards)
20 Cards

Q: How do I progress in the event? What are the Rewards? 
Your goal is to progress in the event by defeating all the 4 Bosses. As mentioned above, every Boss has a max health, which will reduce every time you win a hand of Blackjack against them.
Reducing a Boss’ Health to Zero will grant you the corresponding reward for the Boss and will unlock the next Boss, all the way up to the 4th Boss (Michelle Paulis).
The Reward loot for Mafia Blackjack is Void Binder, stats of which will be upgraded as you defeat a progressively powerful Boss. Some Bosses will also reward you with Skill points.
Please note that you will not receive separate reward loot for defeating each Boss.

Dino Armondo
Void Binder (293/227) + 10 Chips
Kyla Ross
 Void Binder upgraded to (300/234) + 2 Skill Points + 20 Chips
 Void Binder upgraded to (310/244) + 4 Skill Points + 40 Chips
Michelle Paulis
 Void Binder upgraded to (323/257) + 10 Skill Points

Q: Can I replay the event again once I defeat all the Bosses?
Yes, you can replay the event for a maximum of 9 times.
Once you defeat the final Boss (Michelle Paulis), you will have an option to replay the event by paying 50 Reward Points.