Sunday, August 25, 2013

MW Caption Contest I,II & III Winners!

Dear Mafia Wars Players,
Thank you for sending in your entires for the 3 MW Caption contests that we ran as a part of the new location launch! And as promised, the winners of the first prize for each of the 3 Caption Contests will be rewarded with 150RPs, followed by the second prize of 100 RPs and third prize of 50RPs for each Caption Contest.
So, here are the winning entires for each of the Caption Contests:
Caption Contest I:
Caption contest 1
  • 1st Prize: Some say money makes the wheels go round, I say it's diamonds - Auntie Emu
  • 2nd Prize: Stop spinning your wheels...Finish Him - off again
  • 3rd Prize: Now we know how Staff Sergeant got his nickname "Stash Sergeant" - karaokay  

Caption Contest II:
Caption contest 2
  • 1st Prize: The diamonds and our enemies are forever - dakota ryan 
  • 2nd Prize: Some call them blood diamonds, I call them cold hard cash! - Jennifer P
  • 3rd Prize: Ashes and diamonds, imprisoned and free - such is the world we're in forever to be - Aabriella Emily Georgios

Caption Contest III:
Caption contest 3
  • 1st Prize: This guys hand shake is as weak at these flowers. this gonna be easy - Siam Meese
  • 2nd Prize: Our arrangement is complete. The diamonds have been successfully hidden - noelle1980
  • 3rd Prize: Welcome to cape town- the evidence has been planted - adamyankey

Request all the winners to head to our Forums here and drop me a Private Message with your FB UIDs/ Profile URLs so we can credit the winning accounts with the deserved RPs.
Congratulations to all the winners!
- The Mafia Wars Team