Thursday, August 29, 2013

Made in Manhattan - FAQ



Welcome to the Made in Manhattan, where you and your loyal Mafia can work together to complete operations and earn great rewards.
Made in Manhattan is a limited time event consisting of 5 operations which can be mastered.
Q: For how long will Made in Manhattan be available?
A: Made in Manhattan will be available through Home Page module starting from 08/29/2013 6 AM to 09/09/2013 05:59 AM PDT

Q: How does the Mastery work? 
A: There are a total of 15 Operations and 3 Mastery Levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold). 

Click "Start Operation" button to start working on the Operations. 

You will receive Bronze Mastery Reward upon completion of the Easy operations and stats of the Reward Item will be improved to the next Tier as you progress towards higher mastery levels. 

Mastery Reward : Black Metal

Below are the various Mastery Levels:

Q: Are there individual Rewards for Operations? 
A: Yes, you will receive Rewards for completing each operation before the time runs out. Click on "Collect Reward" button to collect the Rewards after completing an Operation:

Q: I've done a bunch of jobs and the Made in Manhattan operations did not appear.
A: Made in Manhattan is directly available through Home Page module and Operations page. They will not be triggered from jobs. 

Q: Will finishing other Operations count towards the Made in Manhattan Mastery?
A: No, only the Operations under Made in Manhattan will count for Mastery Reward. The Operations are identified by:

Q: Can I start over again after achieving Gold Mastery for the Made in Manhattan?
A: No, you can Master the Made in Manhattan to Gold Level only once.

Q: What is this ‘Made In Manhattan’ Facebook Event?
A: We have created a Facebook Event for our Mafia Wars players who wish to help other players with Made in Manhattan.

When you click on “Start Operation”, you will be asked to join the event. If you wish to join, click on “Join Event”
You can uncheck the box in front of “Ask for help on Event’s Page” to prevent the Mafia Wars app from posting on your behalf on the Event’s Page.
Once you click on Join Event, you will be asked to allow permissions to Mafia Wars to manage Events, please click on “Allow” to proceed:

Q: How can I access the FB Event? 
A: You will be able to access the FB Event here:  

Q: Will my Feed posts not appear if I do not join the Event?
A:  Your feed posts will continue to work normally. Made in Manhattan Facebook event is just a way to connect with more players and get additional help for the Operations.

Q: Are there any other benefits of joining this Event on Facebook?
A: Yes, apart from getting additional help from players, you will enjoy the below benefits:
-   You can help up to 100 other players per day instead of the current limit of 50
-  ‘Golden Liger(218/190)’ will be added to the inventory of all the players joining the event at the end of Made In Manhattan

Q: How can I turn off notifications from this event?
A: To stop receiving notifications related to activities on the Event’s page, please follow the below steps:

1.       Access the Event page using this URL:
2.       Click on the Settings icon on the top right of the page and Select ‘Turn Off Notifications’

Q: I joined the Event, when will I receive my Golden Liger?
A: The reward (Golden Liger) will be added to the inventory of players who choose to join the Event after Sept 09, 2013.

Q: I joined the event before loading the Game, why am I asked to join the event again and provide permissions? Do I need to join again?

A: Yes, you will need to join the Event again from Mafia Wars game, even if you have already joined the Event on Facebook before loading the game.