Saturday, August 17, 2013

Skill-Stir - FAQ


Q: What is Skill-Stir?
Skill-Stir is a limited time feature through which you can get great offers on Skill Point purchases. The timer located above the Feature page and home page module indicates the expiry time of the event.
Q: How does it work? 
Skill-Stir works on Spins which are granted to every account at the start of the event. You will receive 60 Free Spins at the start of the event and will receive 15 Extra Spins if you are subscribed to Mafia Wars VIP Membership.
The feature can be accessed from Home Page module by clicking on “Go Spin” button.
Once you click on “Go Spin” button, you will see the Skill-Stir feature where you can use available Spins to get great offers on Skill Point purchases.
Once you click on SPIN, you can either choose to purchase the offered Skill Point deal OR SPIN again for a different deal.
Please note that if you choose to Skip purchase and SPIN again, the existing deal will be replaced.
If you purchase the deal, you will receive a confirmation message for the purchase, Reward Points will be deducted and relevant Skill Points will be added to your account.

Q: How do I get Spins?
At the beginning of the Event, all Mafia Wars players will receive 60 Free Spins which can be used with Skill-Stir. All players who have subscribed to VIP Membership will receive 15 Extra Spins.
You can buy more Spins using the “Buy Spins” button at the bottom-right corner of the Skill-Stir screen at any time during the feature is active.

Q: Will the unused Spins be carried forward to next event?
No, all unused Spins will be lost as soon as the Event Timer expires.

Q: I want to purchase multiples of the deal which I received. How can I do that? 
All Skill-Stir deals are one-time and you cannot purchase multiples of them. You can however Spin again and try your luck for similar or better deals.
Q: I accidentally clicked on SPIN and a great deal has disappeared. Can I go back to the previous deal?
Unfortunately, no. You can still Spin again and try your luck if you get a similar or better deal on Skill Points purchase.
Q: If I close my browser or Skill-Stir feature, will the existing deal disappear?
A: The existing deal will only disappear if the timer expires or if you click on "SPIN" button again. Closing the browser or Skill-Stir will not end the existing deal.