Saturday, January 7, 2012

"New Year's Aftermath" has been released (Mafia Wars2)


On 1/6, the Mafia Wars 2 development team released a mission called "New Year's Aftermath", which is a social mission that asks you to collect up to 20 Pictures from your friends, and up to 20 Text Messages that help you retrace your steps.  The mission may seem a little bit familiar. Its appearance is by design. It is very similar to
the older mission called "A night to Remember", but it has a different payout.  
To complete it, Ask your friends to send you some Pictures and Text Messages to help you complete the mission. The mission rewards are some cash (the amount depends on your level), a Special weapon called a "ShmammerredVille Bottle", and a lapshade Wardrobe item.
"New Year's Aftermath" is a timed mission, and it expires in 13 days, on January 19th.

--The Mafia Wars 2 Support Team