Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Known Issue + Workaround: Trying To Build From Or Upgrade The Hangar Opens Another Property


Hello Mafia Players,

We are aware that some of you are experiencing the following issue:

The Hangar - Trying To Build From Or Upgrade It Opens Another Property
Issue: Some players report that trying to access The Hangar to build from or upgrade it opens a property other than The Hangar.
Status: A fix is currently in development, but The Hangar remains easy to access. See the workaround below for details.
Workaround: Make sure The Hangar is one of the 5 active properties on your NYC property page. Then, if trying to access it still opens another property, you should be able to navigate to it by clicking its picture among the 5 properties at the bottom of the Property module that opens. If you know of another workaround for this issue, please Submit A Workaround.

Thanks for your patience,

~Mafia Wars Team
 (This Known Issue comes from our Bugs & Support forum.)