Sunday, January 1, 2012

Missing Party Animal

To help you jumpstart the countdown to 2012 Mafia Wars sent players a Party Animal.  If you have not already added this item to your inventory, you can locate and add it by following the instructions provided below.

1.  Visit your Home tab on Facebook

2.  Locate and click the Apps and Games tab
User-added image

3.  Scroll down and locate the announcement from Mafia Wars about the Party Animal, and click 'Accept'.
User-added image

4.  After you have clicked the accept button you will be taken back to the game and will receive the following pop-up:

User-added image

5.  To verify that the item has been added to your inventory, please click the Inventory tab: User-added image

6.  Next you will need to click the Filter button:  User-added image

7.  Type 'Party Animal' into the search field and click 'Go': User-added image

8.  The following window will show that 1 Party Animal has been added to your inventory.
User-added image