Monday, February 8, 2010

Mafia Wars Valentine's Day Event

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Mafia Wars is getting ready to lavish you with cool new game updates for our Valentine’s Day Event starting Monday, February 8th. First off is a new featured job – the Valentine’s Day Massacre. This featured job will be played similarly to NYE featured job – it’ll be broken up into three special jobs for you to choose from that each have timers, and you’ll be awarded with unique Valentine’s Day bonuses for each stage you complete. Finish the featured job for a cool mastery item! Because we want everyone to feel the love and get the mastery item from the event, we’ll be offering some extra help. You’ll be able to use Reward Points to speed up the job timers, and will also have the option to ask for help from your mafia.
Our next present for you is our new Valentine’s Day Collection. As you do jobs, fight, or work on completing the featured job, you’ll be rewarded with Limited Edition loot drops. Vault this exclusive collection to get the coveted Cupid’s Arrow. A hint for you – one of the collection items is a gift item, so be generous with your mafia and maybe they’ll send you that special Valentine in return. And if you want another achievement to brag about, master the featured job and vault the Valentine’s Day Collection to get the “Love Hurts” achievement on top of all your other rewards.
We’ll also be bringing you a new Gift Safehouse – Mafia Love Edition. Play and find out if your mafia loves you. Ask your mafia members for gifts and work on filling up the Mafia Love Meter. If your members are loyal, they’ll send you items that’ll raise your Love Meter when you open them. But be sure your rank is high in your mafia – if your members choose to disrespect you and send you a gag gift, your Love Meter will drop once your gift is opened! Fill up your Love meter to 100% and get a Limited Edition item to use in the game.

We hope you’ll love your gifts and that everyone will be able to join us for a very special Mafia Valentine’s Day this year!