Thursday, February 18, 2010

5 Item From Wishlist

There is one trick to get the loot you want if you get the random 5 from the wishlist. It will not gift Lotto Collections, Valentine's Day or the Mystery Bag Collection items. So if you put two of those up and then the one you want you will get 5 of them when that one comes up.

Example :
I want to have 5 Llyod Spectre, so I put Heart Tattoo (from Valentine's Day Collections) + Llyod Spectre + Year of the Tiger (from Mystery Bag Collection)

So voila! After a few trials, I got this one..

Get Multiple Free-Gifts

You can send lots of free-gifts to the same person.. I guess lots of you have figure out about this trick already.. Please check my post about how to do this