Monday, February 22, 2010

2 Free GodFather Points From Visa

There is a small glitch for you to get 2 free GodFather points. I have posted about the normal way to get it here : 2 Free GodFather points from Visa.

But lots of you don't have the option of this promo from Visa on your GodFather page, don't worry.. we can still have free points using special link..

Copy and paste this link on your browser :

Note : Change XXXXXXXXXX above with your user ID.

You'll arrive on this page containing the flash video of Visa promotion.

You can enter the name of people who have inspired you there and click on "Post" button.. Wait until there is "Next" button.. Click it..
There will be a page for you who wants to "Become Fan", click on it.. Then you can just skip it or becoming a fan, up to you.. you got the RP anyway..

You can only do this one time, so don't bother to try another one..

Have fun!