Monday, April 18, 2016

Zynga Support - How happy were you with our customer service (Mafia Wars)

How happy was I with your Customer Service Zynga?

You fixed issues I've reported, that is a fact, but still stays that one open and sad question. Why did I play this game since september/2009 and daily. Why lot of us did that? You make lot of your players sad and angry with your decision to close Mafia Wars. Is this reason that your feedback looks a lot different that it was before? Is that reason why on this feedback there is no option about recommend your games to my family and friends? How many players have you lost with that move? How many players on your other games you will loose in about next 1,5 month? How come that Mob Wars with 388,568 likes on their official page can support and develop their game? Oh yes, they and Mob Wars LCN are very happy now, because you send us as gift to them. That was marvelous move. I will not ask you to change your mind I will simply thank you for making us that sad and angry. You have a lot of enemies Zynga these days.