Monday, April 11, 2016

Testing Mafia Games on Facebook

Because if nothing changes Mafia Wars will be closed on June, 6th, 2016., I decided to try to play some other Mafia Games on Facebook. First of all I've tried to play Mob Wars, which I blocked bdw years ago, and now I  know why I've blocked it. So, Mob Wars is not the game I will play after (if) Mafia Wars closure. 
Then I tried to play Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra and maybe this is game that could give some fun playing it. So there is a large possibility that this game I will play after 666.

Today I've tried to play another Mafia Game - Cron Mafia. I saw that some Mafia players are playing it already. For me that game looks childish a bit. I will put some images from that game here, so you can see what does Cron Mafia looks like. 

Conclusion: Mafia Wars is with all her issues game I would like to play and further but after its closure I will play and follow Mafia Wars La Cosa Nostra, for now at least. And I started to play it already.

Images from Cron Mafia for players that are interested in that game: